We offer food parcels and hot meals and teas and snacks.

We open Tuesday 6:30pm to 8:30pm,

Thursday 12pm to 3pm,

Friday 7pm to 8pm,

Sunday @1.30pm to 3pm ( we offer tea, snacks )


Which address included in your email is the location of the food bank? 451 Victoria Avenue, Blackley, Manchester, M9 8JP. on google maps its the Victoria Avenue entrance to Blackley Cemetery as our building is inside the cemetary.

We have worked with Manchester City Council (MCC) to reduce food poverty in Manchester.

Every week we give out food parcels to families struggling as well as disadvantaged people in North Manchester.

Who we have worked with:

We have worked with The Message Trust, The Salvation Army and Local Churches.

We partnered with Manchester City Council through a MCC grant to reduce food poverty which has been a great boost to our services.

We have worked with MCC, Greater Manchester Police, and CPS to organise a hate crime awareness concert.

We have worked with the Big Lottery Fund to offer music, embroidery activities young people in the community.

What we have achieved:

Reduced food poverty.

Increased skills to our beneficiaries.

Increased awareness

Increased self esteem to our beneficiaries.

Increased health and better standards of living.